Sunday, January 31, 2016


          Still asking who I am. Someone who type this abc and have no idea what she going to write. Make a list for everything with details and have no idea where and when to begin. Am I a thick paper, thin paper, a cup with half of water, a jar with full of sugar or a bowl with a cover and no one knows whats inside, or maybe I am just a piece of imperfect yin and yang. And currently I just take a new risk, walking in the bridge with blury future. Don't know what's in front of me, don't know when it's all gone, just cross my finger and hope for the best.

          And now I still on the bridge, I don't know am I in the half way to get there or I almost there but still see nothing, neither light nor shadow. The clock is ticking, I can hear that in this deep silent. Every tick push me to pick and whenever my eyes blink, make me stop thinking for a millisecond what is there.

          I keep walking with my bare feet. Feel the cold deep stab through my skin. Try to fight the fear that stab me in my mind by stay together with my soul mind. Try to split without break anything, but still, crack is the thing.

          Coming to a new life make me think to say goodbye for some good things. Have a last dance with good moments, last snap to hangout with friends, last brunch with fellas. No matter how awkward I feel, it's my duty call to color their day. Because if it's not, I will always regret it.

          After those abc thoughts that I didn't tell you the real details, I just realize on a thing. A simple thing about goodbyes. There are so many of them are good things and why didn't I say goodbye on a bad things? I could just say goodbye to all the times I felt lost, to all the times it was a no instead of a yes, to all bruises and scrapes, to all the heartache. Say goodbye to everything that I really want to do for the last time. And never go for the last dance with good times, I will make it as the first dance with the good times in my new life. Because the good thing always waiting for us and help spread everything with spices of love.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sepi di Keramaian

       Detik ini, detik dimana aku mengetik. Mengetik hal yang ingin aku petik. 

     Sekarang aku sedang berada di kantin sekolah. Tempat yang dimana biasanya diramaikan oleh kawan. Tetapi, untuk detik ini semua berbeda. Karena di detik ini, bukan detik dimana waktunya kawanku berada.

     Sama seperti keberuntungan. Keberuntungan datang di tempat yang ramai. Ramai dalam artian susah untuk dicari, atau bisa saja bersembunyi, atau kita tidak sadar akan keadaannya. Keberuntungan bisa saja tepat di dapan mata, tergantung kita secara pribadi memilih untuk menangkapnya atau tidak. Tergantung keberuntungan juga, apakah Ia memilihmu sebagai pemiliknya atau bukan.

     Sekarang Aku baru saja memilih untuk pindah ke tempat yang baru, di depan sekolah lebih tepatnya. Mungkin saja keberuntungan sudah berpindah tangan, atau mungkin akan datang menjemput tangan.

     Keberuntungan tidak tepat adanya, sering kali diiringi kesempatan dan usaha. Banyak kemungkinan kalau keberuntungan ada di depan Anda sekarang, segera hubungi @VRC4325J untuk mengambil kesempatan sebagai pebisnis pemula yang beruntung. Haha :))

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Guts Kill Cuts

Hey pal, why you don't just beat them or at least scream at them when you get sorrow because of their detto? asdfghjkl.

They who throw the dirt gonna lose their ground. And if they just throw the dirt on me why I should give their dirt back and waste energy as long as I can clean it in laundry machine? But back to the standard of living, that's a choice.

When I was little, I heard a story about calm pearl clam. What human do to make bigger and faster pearl, they hurt calm pearl clam with knife. And once upon a time there were a mama and calm pearl clam junior. Human hurt junior and she began to scream, scream and scream. But mama told her to stop. And the curious junior asked mama, why she can not scream, she want to stand for herself too, said calm pearl clam junior. Mama said, it is good to stand for ourselves, but show it in different way. We all in this world not to scream for something with no ribbon. We all here to prove what we want to scream. As a calm pearl clam, it is okay to cry. It doesn't mean we lose what we want to prove. As the time goes, calm pearl clam junior made a biggest pearl and show how great is she.

Treat the wounds is not as easy as to make cuts. Sometimes even if the wound has healed, but the scar will never disappear. So try not to cuts peoples' heart, if we don't want to lose our self image for them. Change your anger with smile, although it is difficult but there will be a wonderful result, certainly.

Helpless in Seashore

        If I would like to say about my exchange year, it is sucks. Maybe every exchange student's parents only think that we spent money to go to shopping and our friends think that we just went to some parties, our host families think that we just sleeping all day long and our classmates here think that we never do any homework because we are here just for the experiences and what we really do, it just, do everything what everybody thought about us! Hah. Not really actually, I still do my homework.

        I know right it sounds fun. It is fun actually. But sometimes it is sucks. I thought I will just see rainbow and butterfly, no flood or hurricane. But I really enjoy it. This is what we all learn, adjustment to life. That's where happiness come from. Isn't it good to realize that we can beat the rock like the paper do.

        Almost everyday, there is always something new, something that make us learn and sometimes we even can't retell and ask someone to understand us. It feels like I always want to write a letter and throw it in the middle of the sea and let the waves bring the bottle into the seashore and let the people read it but whenever I want to do that many dove's letter come to my window. Whenever I feel sad, dove's letter said surround yourself with love and they always said that I should never give up and tomorrow will be better. And this is what it is. In five minutes everything can be so different from uptown to downtown emotional area. And thank you dove's letter you always make my life brighter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Try Out Berbagai Universitas di Indonesia [Always Update]

1. Universitas Indonesia (UI)

Universitas Indonesia Playground 2016
Terdiri dari 3 rangkaian kegiatan yaitu:

  • Roadshow
  • Exhibition
  • Try Out Simak UI
  • Diselenggarakan di berbagai SMA Sidoarjo dan diselenggarakan oleh Forum Mahasiswa Delta Universitas Indonesia


Universitas Indonesia akan mengunjungi sekolah-sekolah kalian dan berbagi informasi seputar dunia perkuliahan dan kehidupan pus di Universitas Indonesia.

11 Januari: SMAN 1 Sidoarjo
12 Januari: SMAN 4 Sidoarjo
13 Januari: SMAN 2 Sidoarjo
14 Januari: SMAN 1 Krian
15 Januari: SMAN 3 Sidoarjo
16 Januari: MAN Sidoarjo
18 Januari: SMAN 1 Porong
20 Januari: SMA Antartika Sidoarjo
22 Januari: SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo


Universitas Indonesia akan membuka sesi tanya jawab tentang jurusan, biaya, program kuliah dan berbagai hal lainnya kepada mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia.

Try Out Simak UI:

Siswa kelas 12 dapat menguji kemampuan kalian dalam menghadapi seleksi masuk UI dengan mengikuti Try Out nasional yang mereka selenggarakan.

Tanggal: 24-25 Januari 2016
Diselenggarakan di: MAN Sidoarjo & Nurul Fikri, Jenggolo
Registrasi try out klik

2. Universitas Brawijaya

Teknik Elektro Universitas Brawijaya mengajak siswa kelas 12 untuk mengukur kemampuan dalam menghadapi SBMPTN.


  • Seminar tips dan trik sukses sbmptn
  • Pembahasan soal try out
  • Snack
  • Tour UB
  • Technologies showcase (Robotic dan LTC)
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Berbagai doorprize menarik
  • Hadiah Utama untuk peraih peringkat 1,2 dan 3

Tanggal: Minggu, 7 Februari 2016
Lokasi: Universitas Brawijaya
Harga: IDR 25.000

CP: 08112990066 (Anastiti) dan 05706789300 (Thufeil)

3. Universitas Gajah Mada

           UGM Wara Wiri dan Try Out Simultan UGM dirancang semirip mungkin dengan SBMPTN, baik dari durasi waktu, sistem penilaian dan bobot soal. Surabaya Gadjah Mada (SGM) akan menghadirkan acara tahunan yang dikhususkan untuk para siswa SMA di Surabaya yang terdiri dari roadshow dan try out SIMULTAN SBMPTN pada tingkat nasional, WARA-WIRI, yang akan diselenggarakan mulai tanggal 11 Januari 2016.

           Try Out SIMULTAN akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 31 Januari 2016 di SMA Khadijah, Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani 4-6. Try Out SIMULTAN adalah TO SBMPTN tingkat nasional yang akan dilangsungkan secara serentak bersama dengan 23 kota di bawah paguyuban daerah lainnya. Fasilitas yang diberikan terdapat snack, pembahasan, dan konsultasi gratis.


  • Snack
  • Expo dan konsultasi
  • Pembahasan
  • Ranking Try Out secara nasional dengan 22 kota penyelenggara lainnya
  • Tanya jawab mengenai UGM di akun line (@nts6607c)


  • IPA: IDR 25.000
  • IPS: IDR 25.000
  • IPC: IDR 30.000

Beasiswa Indonesia Ikatan Dinas dan Bidikmisi 2016

          Halo bagi teman-teman Indonesia banyak sekali beasiswa yang ditawarkan dari berbagai universitas  di Indonesia. Berikut saya rangkum berbagai informasi mengenai beasiswa yang sekiranya bisa teman-teman kelas 12 coba. Dan jangan lupa pula untuk menginfokan kepada saudara-saudara kita yang lain karena membagikan informasi ini dan berlomba secara suportif inshaallah akan mendapatkan berkah, hehe. Dan untuk menuju websitenya langsung klik sesuai akademi/fakultas yang diinginkan. Sebenarnya ada lebih banyak lagi website yang mau saya cantumkan disini, tapi setelah saya cek satu persatu websitenya sudah close.

1. Ikatan Dinas Beasiswa Penuh


          Biaya pendidikan ini bagi mahasiswa berprestasi yang memiliki tingkatan keluarga yang kurang mampu. Tahun ini beasiswa Bidikmisi akan dibukan pendaftarannya secara online seperti yang dilansir dari laman resmi Bidikmisi 2016

          Dengan jadwal pendaftaran Bidikmisi 2016:
  • Pendaftaran Sekolah
15 Januari 2016 - 1 September 2016
  • Pendaftaran Siswa
15 Januari 2016 - 1 September 2016
  • Pendaftaran Bidikmisi PMDK-PN
9 Februari 2016 - 8 Mei 2016
  • Pendaftaran Bidikmisi SNMPTN
10 Februari 2016 - 12 Maret 2016
  • Pendaftaran Bidikmisi SBMPTN
16 Maret 2016 - 3 Juni 2016
  • Pendaftaran Bidikmisi Jalur Mandiri PTN
10 Februari 2016- 1 September 2016
  • Pendaftaran Bidikmisi Jalur Mandiri PTS
10 Februari 2016 - 1 September 2016

Berbagai cara mendaftar bidikmisi:
  1. Melalui SNMPTN
  2. Melalui SBMPTN
  3. Melalui PMDK-PN
  4. Melalui Seleksi Mandiri PTN dan PTN

Essay Their Eyes Were Watching God

I had this assignment to make an essay about Janie and her three husbands. And this is the example for the essay about Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Janie's Wardrobe

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie goes through several marriages in her journey to seek love. As Janie's husbands change, her wardrobe also change. Janie's different marriages are symbolized by her very different wardrobes. Janie's first marriage was to Logan Killicks when she was just a young girl at the age of seventeen. Janie’s wardrobe mainly consisted of aprons and work clothes. Logan was very controlling over Janie, he made her work in the field and cook all day. ‘Most of her time was spent cooking and she almost always wore her apron. That made her feel the apron tied around her waist. She untied it and flung it on a low bush beside the road an walked on , picking flowers and making a bouquet.’ (page 32). Janie threw off her apron while she was leaving Logan, symbolizing how she was no longer under his control and she was now back on her journey for love.
Jody Starks was Janie’s second husband and was even more controlling over Janie than Logan. Janie usually wore very nice designer dresses because Joe was the mayor of Eatonville and felt that the mayor’s wife had to wear the best. The dresses symbolize the control and arrogance of Joe, because he forced Janie to wear things she was not comfortable in just to show off their money. Joe also made Janie wear head rags to cover her hair after an incident in the store. ‘That night he ordered Janie to tie up her hair around the store. That was all. She was there in the store for him to look at, not those others.’ (page 55). The head rags symbolize not only the control of Janie like in her first marriage but it also shows the jealousy Jody has towards his wife and other men.
Once Janie was an older woman in her forties she finally found the love of her life Tea Cakes. Tea Cakes soon became her third husband and has no comparison with the other two marriages. While married to Tea cakes Janie wore whatever she wanted because he was not controlling over her like in either of her other two marriages. Janie usually would wear overalls like Tea Cakes symbolizing how free and not under control she was. “They don’t need to worry about me and my over halls long as Ah still got nine hundred dollars in de bank. Tea Cake got me into wearing ‘em-following behind him” (page 7) Janie did not have to show off her money in clothing while being married to Tea Cakes as she did with Joe. But didn’t wear overalls because she was forced to work like with Logan.
Throughout her multiple marriages Janie’s wardrobe symbolized her marriage. Her first two marriages were very similar they were both very controlling and both wardrobes, although very different symbolized the control. Janie’s last marriage and wardrobe actually symbolized the opposite of the other two marriages being that her clothes represented her freedom instead of her control.

Nelva Kirana Nurafindraningrum.